Thousands of women's collection of the world's fashion and cultural essence

" One thousand together with " founded in 2006, is located in scenic Hangzhou, is a collection of women's fashion design, production, marketing as one of the major garment enterprises. It owns two Hangpai Top Ten women's brands, "1000 with", "Raining." We have a group of high-quality design and management of marketing elite, with 2,000 square meters of image display and logistics center. We "Jiangnan charm; colorful woman" for the design concept, independent design each year, the development of thousands of models. Companies in the production, sales, quality management are implemented on the network. We have the spirit of "quality of survival," the principle of each product are strictly tested. Since the establishment of the company, has been the full implementation of a win-win strategy of joining the franchise, has now established a nationwide radiation production, transportation, marketing network.


Product advantages:
One thousand with clothing series from independent production, quality and exquisite. Direct supply manufacturers source, eliminating the middle part of the agency, for you to reduce costs and reduce financial pressure. With the pulse of fashion and the essence of fashion and culture in the world, the company has inherited the design concept of elegance, demeanor, simplicity and generousness. The traditional classic suits and modern casual clothes are perfectly combined together to form a unique fashion, lady Clothing series, its style is simple, personality, expressive, suitable for modern cultural connotation, distinct personality and taste of urban women.
Order Peihuo advantages:
Thousand partners with the company's agents can be completed within three days to complete the order and confirm the order. Companies to ensure that the agents joined the full supply of goods at the same time, reduce the risk of joining agents ordering and inventory, we promise that the goods 100% replacement season, so you no risk inventory without risk success.
Risk Assessment Analysis Advantages: How shop locations play a decisive role in the success of a reseller. With the professional experience, according to the specific location, traffic, surrounding environment and development prospects of a certain shop, the company of "1000-companion" makes specific suggestions to the franchisee on the shop for the franchisee to make a choice or not .

千合伴女装  汇集世界时装文化精髓

Management advantages:
"Thousand partners with" terminal management over the years, with a broad sales channels and rich experience in terminal management. The company has a strong sales force, "customer first win-win cooperation," the purpose of the market from the terminal to the store display, services and other aspects for the franchisee to provide a full range of comprehensive services and scientific guidance, while joining Traders and their employees to implement regular specialized training and irregular roving training.
Opening support advantages: Each opening of a new store, the company will send professionals to visit the site responsible for the layout of the shop and the display of goods, showcase, to attend the opening ceremony. At the same time, the company will be based on the provincial capital level, prefecture-level cities, cities and counties level and shop area, low-cost distribution of the corresponding opening gifts.
Promotional advantages:
With each new quarterly listing, the company has a large number of promotional materials (POPs, posters, promotional items, etc.) sent to the shops, and provide promotional guidance.
Advantages of cooperation:
We serve and respect every customer, fully listen to each franchisee's comments and suggestions, we sincerely hope that every agent franchisee and our cooperation is a win-win and mutually beneficial and long-term benign. We take the high rebate policy to the joining agents who grow up and struggle with us.
1000 companies with apparel company sincerely welcome you to inquire cooperation, look forward to your work with us to build a better future.

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