Let love once again sublime poetry Shang Ying ladies

From the beauty of the famous LALIQUE crystal in Europe, the experience of spiritual understanding and creativity, like the blue light of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as a touch of sunset in the woods as breathing leaves, imparting the purity of nature, with the most gentle The most warm fashion, intellectual creativity, admiration elegance, love the true me, in the pure description of the beautiful lines, from the simple atmosphere contains exquisite details, stepping on the rhythm of the seasons, blooming exquisite and soft.


Like the ancient European culture, Shang Ying has undergone a very long history of business. Design team together with many years of fashion work experience, created a women's "still shadow." For those who contain self-confidence and sophisticated fashion like Daren, business people, seek appropriate Chinese-owned, but also as fragrant as clove, so self-confident shiny, pet again sublimation, so that each posture melody into the breeze, decoration 30-45-year-old woman's unique bright future. JUST SHANGYING, appropriate intelligence and elegance.

让宠爱再度升华  诗意的尚影女装

Men Swimwear

For our men swimwear product, we use the high quality and comfortable material to make them, they are soft and perfect fit. The special dyeing process can protect the color fastness. We have a well trained team to control the product style, quality, customer service and shipment delivery, welcome to our shop for more details!

Men Swimwear

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