Million jade carving army is basically low**

The guru called for: Vocational education can no longer be dragged down by awards, masterpieces continue, but when it comes to the future of jade carving, Yuan Jiaxuan is not without worries: “My studio has 10 **, only secondary school **. And the entire country jade carving The number of practitioners in the industry has reached one million, and there are almost no formal schools in the art academies. The vocational education of jade carving can no longer be delayed."

Yuan Jiaxuan said that a friend had found him and asked him to erase the sculpture marks on the jade pieces. “People say that the mediocre design and carving is a pity for this piece of jade.” However, due to historical reasons, jade carving has long been used as a handicraft industry, and few people have considered the cultural and artistic heritage. The current jade carving practitioners generally have low cultural standards. In Yunnan and Henan, where the jade processing industry is relatively developed, small factories that process jade are often self-employed jade craftsmanship classes, the professional quality of the craft can not be guaranteed. “They can only replicate the dragon and phoenix pattern uniformly, and there is no innovation at all.”

As a national master of arts and crafts, Yuan Jialu believes that his own growth experience is persuasive. He studied painting from elementary school, followed by the old artistes of Beijing Jade Carving Factory, and entered the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts as a sculpture major, and received formal and comprehensive education. “My teacher once taught me that you should not only learn skills but also learn about culture.”

As a judge of the National Arts and Crafts Masters, Yuan Jiaxuan has been calling for the selection of arts and crafts masters for many years to join the mandatory rules: “The masters of the 1950s and 1960s did not have ** requirements that could be understood, but decades passed and they are now participating in the “Masters” 'There is no such thing as a higher art institution. How can it be said?'

Not learning, but also because there is no place to study. Yuan Jialu said that there are many jewelry designing professions in the country, but there are few vocational trainings for jade carvings. The jade carving masters can only follow the master's “study craftsmanship,” or rely on their own exploration, which has great limitations. Fortunately, after many years of appeal, Wuhan Jewellery Institute intends to work with Yuan Jialu Studios to set up an undergraduate class in jade sculpture design and systematically cultivate talents for jade carving. This makes Yuan Jiaxi very pleased.

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