UK's clothing and footwear sales continued to decline in February

The retail sector in the UK remained sluggish in February, and the Industrial Index showed that domestic demand for clothes and household goods was weak.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) claimed that retail sales of same-type goods fell by 0.3% last month, but overall sales rose by 2.3%.

According to the BRC, sales of clothing, shoes, and household goods in February were worse than those in January and December of last year. In particular, large purchases were the first to bear due to consumers' cautious attitude toward shopping.

Data show that online shopping, mail order, and telephone shopping sales surged in December last year and continued to slow thereafter. Sales rose 9.9% a year ago, but fell from 18.5% in December of last year to 11.3% in January of this year.

However, due to the cold weather, consumers need to store foods, so food sales increase. In addition to the items, sales and sales continued to decline despite the sales promotion and discounts.

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