Why beauty preferred body sculpting underwear?

Body sculpting underwear for body sculpting is very good! This is the beauty of women who like to wear body underwear reasons. A, body underwear can be divided into the following categories according to the function: 1. Adjustable bra: You can modify the chest curve, so that the chest upright, increase fullness, while preventing breast open, drooping, showing beautiful moving cleavage. 2. Corset: a well-proportioned body shape determined by the waist curve, the design of the waist to create waistline, high waist position, control the stomach, abdominal fat accumulation. 3. Trousers: used to raise and create rounded rounded buttocks, while suppressing the abdomen prominent, long beam pants can tighten the thigh fat, modified hip to thigh curve. 4. Thoracic and abdominal triple bundle: As the name suggests, adjustable chest, waist, stomach three parts of the curve, wear a stable, easy to loose. 5. One-piece whole body harness: from chest to buttocks, even body wrap, in addition to the curve of the various parts of the sculpture, but also to prevent the humpback, posture correction. B, Material: Emphasis on elasticity coefficient, beam sex, and even wearing comfort, beautiful appeal is not high. Elastic lace, Lycra flexible use of fabrics, making a new generation of adjustable underwear with breathable, lightweight advantages, the whole underwear are used to enhance the elastic material, making the underwear on the body's binding force more evenly distributed to reduce the fat squeezed aside Side effects of channeling. C, style: pay attention to tolerance, and the general half of the bra, three quarters of the less common. D, cutting lines: more than the average brassiere, trousers complex and delicate, in order to achieve the so-called improve, focus, stable effect. In the purchase of adjustment underwear, should choose the material suitable for the skin, if the skin is allergic to certain chemical materials, as far as possible the choice of natural material composition of high underwear. In addition to buy beam pants, one-piece lingerie, we must try on, and should wear mini underwear, but do not wear pantyhose, in order to understand the feeling of underwear on the skin, and whether it will cause skin irritation.

Satin, a fabric with a usually shiny surface, but with a dull back.The use of satin is very broad, the fabric feels upright direction will feel very slippery.It has a good reflection effect. Therefore, it is often used for bed cover or quilt cover, as well as some summer dress, dancing dress and qipao.Generally speaking, the material used for coloring is mainly polyester, and of course silk and blended are more.And the material of general prevent bask in clothes also some use satin, can use with make dress pants, skirt or cap, use prevent bask in.But because the breed of satin has a lot of, have a few difference such as thin thick, norms, so want to decide to make what to make according to the cloth itself, according to your need, play originality, Satin Fabric is sturdy, durable, and color-retentive. The soft and attractive fabric is ideal to make apparel for special occasions like blouses, skirts, and evening gowns.

Satin Fabric

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