Abbott organic cotton baby clothes give the baby the greatest degree of care

Abbott organic cotton baby clothes, the choice of safe and environmentally friendly dyes and natural plant dyes, adhere to the entire production process does not use any chemical agents and additives, all colors are extracted from flowers, fruits or organic cotton qualities. Pigments from nature, the baby's skin without stimulation, to maximize the baby's delicate skin and good health. Clothing fabrics are generally treated with chemical dyes, while the dyes and auxiliaries used in dyeing contain thousands of substances harmful to the human body, so in common dyeing textiles and clothing, including baby clothing products, a large number of chemical substances and heavy metals , Azo and formaldehyde residues. Baby's skin has not yet formed a complete self-protection, pesticide residues in clothes, pesticides, fertilizers and dyes more susceptible to skin allergies and infections. In particular, babies like to chew their clothes so that the pesticides, pesticides and chemical stains left in the clothes have the opportunity to enter the baby's body. The long-term accumulation will affect their healthy growth. Practice has proved that if the child has an allergy or family history of allergies, organic cotton clothing and bedding bedding can relieve allergy symptoms, but also can help children relieve the common fabric caused by skin discomfort and rash. We adhere to the comfort of wearing a collection of high-end designers and ergonomic research results, the selection of the most suitable material, the most consistent production of human design baby clothes. We consider the convenience and comfort of clothing as a baby experience and are committed to bringing the best wearable feeling to the baby. Specifically for developing infants on a monthly basis, were designed to meet the shape of the outline and tailoring, the extent of its unique and meticulous, with similar products do not have the most professional product line.

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