Visible Thin: Long Tops + Leggings

Visible Thin: Long Tops + Leggings Want to be thinner? Try it with a long coat, and there will be unexpected surprises! Let Xiaobian give you a long shirt + leggings with the surgery, do not quickly learn it?

Black and white vertical stripes long shirt, very beautiful colors, vertical stripes are also thin, giving people very comfortable. With a light gray bottoming shirt, wearing high-top canvas shoes, when the cold weather with a short jacket, practical fashion.

Black and white color striped long sweater, very classic color, loose version type, casual and generous style, upper body effect is very thin. With white leggings, white shoes, fresh and beautiful.

White long-sleeved blouse with black collar and cuffs, exquisite embellishment, and modern style. With bright purple leggings, black color platform high-top canvas shoes, filled with youthful vitality.

White long t-shirt, classic unbeaten, is a must-have item for early autumn. The loose version is lazy and has a charming temperament. With light gray leggings, green shoes, fashion fresh, when the cold weather coupled with a knitted jacket to wear, it is good.

Black chiffon shirt with black vest, enhance the sense of hierarchy, full of mature. The black chiffon shirt has a unique design that is short and long. The splicing design leggings break the boring and monotonous of the cool colors, and the black fish mouth and stiletto high heels are handsome.

Modal gray dress is simple and elegant cut, bat sleeve design to cover the arm fat, waist design was thin and increase the waist line, a skirt to hide the hip defect. Star leggings highlight personality.

Wholesale Tassel Earrings

Tassel earrings is very light and easy to get the full [statement earring" effect. The more you see this statement tassel earrings, the more you fall in love with it.

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Tassel Earrings

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