With Urea plant fiber underwear big decryption!

Nowadays underwear on the market a variety of products after another, including plant fiber underwear is the majority of consumers agree and love, then what is plant fiber underwear it? Neither consumers nor resellers must urgently want to uncover its true veil. Here to S & P plant underwear as an example for everyone to explain what is plant fiber underwear.


With Ermei plant skin care underwear carbon fiber fabric skin care underwear

This underwear using physical and chemical methods from the system, with moisture, breathable, antibacterial antibacterial, deodorant, anti-UV and other good performance.

With UAR plant underwear aloe fiber fabric underwear

This series of plant fiber underwear focus on moisture, breathable, comfortable, easy to stain and many other excellent performance, long-term wear can be health, but also to prevent radiation damage, moisturizing the skin. This is also my personal favorite of a underwear.

With the United States plant skin care underwear soybean fiber fabric underwear

Made of 100% pure natural soybean fiber, it is refined by the advanced technology of de-sugar removal and fat removal. It is soft in nature, oil-repellent, antibacterial and antistatic, making it an unparalleled new quality among other textiles.

With UAR plant underwear of milk fiber fabric underwear

After wearing underwear, this underwear has the effect of nourishing the skin and nourishing the skin and nourishing the skin. At the same time, the milk silk also has a natural and lasting antibacterial function, which inhibits the deleterious skin bacilli, cocci and mold. You deserve it.

With Ermei plant skin care underwear cotton fabric underwear

She is characterized by no static electricity, moisture wicking better, breathable, more close to the human body, with its clothing made of comfortable wearing, no pilling phenomenon, feel soft.

In addition there are many other plant underwear, such as bamboo, lotus root, coconut, pearls, wula and other fibers made of underwear.

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