Bear B Qi children's wear children's clothing to join the market leader

Brand children's clothing store selected Bear B Qi, to bring you up to wealth. Bear B Bik Tong franchise stores, shop a good choice. Bear B Qi children's clothing in the industry known as the "last piece of cake", Bear B Biker children's wear brand through the integration of resources, innovative mode of clever operation, a children's wear brand to become a new leader in the field, a child to join the market leader ... ... Bear B Qi brand is the full implementation of suppliers, companies, distributors tripartite total 嬴 cooperation model, the company is committed to creating brand and the upstream and downstream close long-term strategic cooperative relations, work together to create brand wealth. In order to attract more franchisees, many children's clothing brands at the threshold of investment, while increasing support for negative profits in exchange for big brands, such as brand shuffling is completed construction is completed, the investment costs will soar, greatly increased. The bear B Qi children's wear brand with more than 10 years of professional children's clothing business accumulated in the market competition and consumer demand changes in the trend, the success rate doubled. Domestic children's clothing brand to join lags far behind the pace of foreign, became the main force from the purchase after 80, began to have a really hot children's clothing market was born. Bear B Qi children's clothing brand to seize this opportunity to join the children's wear market to become leader. Bear children: their self-confidence, positive, enthusiastic, and like a variety of social activities and cultural activities. Their demand for dress is both popular in the world and self-personality. Brand children's clothing store selected Bear B Qi, to bring you up to wealth.

Uniform fabrics are specially designed for the needs of workers.It can effectively clean, prevent pollution, protect the body from mechanical injury and harmful chemicals, thermal radiation burns, including protection, washing resistance, fungus and mildew resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance and so on.The composition usually is 100% cotton,100% polyester,cotton/polyester blended,cotton/polyamide blended.

Uniform Fabric

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