Kang Lui brand underwear Changsha Ningxiang franchise stores opened

Warm congratulations to Kang Luni brand underwear to join the shop - Changsha Ningxiang store grand opening! Kang Lanyi underwear chain system in the country has a high brand awareness and reputation, the country now has more than 300 chain flagship store.


Kang Lu Ni Changsha Ningxiang franchise stores located in Ningxiang County, Changsha City, Hunan Heart Heart Shopping Center! Simple atmosphere, fresh and natural store style, stylish and graceful product image, people never forget, linger.


Design stylish and elegant Kang Lui brand underwear dazzling array! Whether it is a lively young girl, or a mature lady, pregnant mother, Kang Luneng can take full and considerate care, all customers are satisfied.


Kang Lui Ni using high-quality fabrics, has been implementing fashion, health and comfort purposes, to create both beautiful and stylish quality products!


New store opened, enough to make people buy one get one free!


Professional to provide high-quality, high-quality underwear products is Kang Lui Ni has always been the unswerving brand mission, Kang Lu Ni always adhere to the "China's most valuable underwear brand chain" and work hard!

Welcome to visit the company, Kang Lui wish you success as early as possible to join underwear brand entrepreneurship projects, to enjoy a healthy life!
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