Avatar children's wear and you meet the 2012 CBME pregnancy baby exhibition

Continued after the Beijing exhibition, committed to "all love everything." (Care, sharing) "green clothing time" (health, safety, environmental protection, low carbon) love brand concept and green brand clothing concept to the whole of China and the world Young people. Avatar will be unveiled at the 2012CBME show. Avatar invites you to visit! This 2012 CHIC exhibition, with the arrival of the peak time period, Avatar Pavilion attracted many exhibitors came to watch. A lot of brands, franchisees Avatar brand style, we have Avatar children's development prospects have expressed optimism! The participants for Avatar, not only the successful promotion of the brand, harvest flowers and applause, but also reinforce the Its cutting-edge brand of children's wear and pave the way for its own brand "Avatar" national marketing strategy. Exhibition Name: 12th CBME Pregnancy Baby Show 2012 Children's Wear Fair Time: July 18, 2012 -2020 Avatar Booth No .: W2D03 --- W2C16 Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center (Longyang Road, Pudong New Area 2345)

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