Manuel slave spring jacket with sweet fresh macarons wear

Spring, everything revives, by the winter let yourself lazy season of the girls, it is time to "wake up" it! Early spring season, followed by Mia Nu MIGAINO selected a few favorite jacket, so that their mood to jump up.


Figure: Manuel slave 2014 spring and summer new products

Small fragrance style skirt series, sweet, fresh macarons, natural color over, make your vision immediately from the bleak, cold winter came warm, bright spring, H version of the dress with a small fragrance short Jacket, whether it is to work or everyday wear, can bring you different appreciation of the eye.

曼娅奴春季外套搭配 甜蜜清新马卡龙色穿起来

Figure: Manuel slave 2014 spring and summer new products

Korean fans for such a dress should be no resistance to it, the pure and transparent white lace dress with mint green long suit, double-breasted version adds a retro taste, and the lace with the interpretation of a classic Collide with fashion passion. (Mr. Qin)

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