Single shoes are mastered at the time to wear enough to "foot" healthy enough

This February 24 hearing, a pair of good shoes can take us to go where we want to go, many women have put their shoes as their best friend, so what kind of shoes is beautiful and comfortable?

At the moment, spring flowers bloom, many love beautiful women can not wait to put on a single shoes, short skirts, the upper body is also dressed in a thick coat, and the right Chunsui diametrically opposite, is not conducive to health. The lower limbs are cold and vulnerable to the direct invasion of wind, cold and dampness, causing arthritis and other diseases. For women, it may also cause gynecological diseases.

The woman's reproductive system most afraid of cold, the most need to pay attention to keep warm, and the lower body cold will directly lead to women's palace cold, in addition to causing cold hands and feet, dysmenorrhea, causing pelvic inflammatory disease and other issues, it may be "inferior palace cold." Another point is that people's internal organs have corresponding sensitive areas or reaction points on the feet. If the feet are frozen, it may reflect the relevant parts of the discomfort.

The beauty of girls is instinctual, but it is not worthwhile to sacrifice health for beauty. Many people do not feel bad because they are young nowadays and have good physical condition. However, if they suffer from cold for a long time, they will feel as if they are older. It will be too late to regret it. Now. In the expert's opinion, “I ate the Dragon Boat Festival and the coats dared to send”. After the Dragon Boat Festival, it was almost time to wear a pair of shoes with bare feet. The exposed sandals of the toes were even more dependent.

Pointed shoes: Toe's "torture"

Retro style strikes, long skirts, pointed shoes, rivets... are all constant fashion. Pointed-toe shoes have a plastic effect on the toe, making the toe end gather together and easy to form thumb valgus. The space at the tip of the shoe is small, and the air is difficult to circulate, making it easy to breed bacteria. Pointed-toe shoes form an oppression on the front half of the foot, which can easily cause poor blood flow. In the long run, it is difficult for the blood to supply nutrients, heat, and oxygen to the tip of the foot, which can easily cause foot deformity. The tip of the scalp shoe is hard and thin, and the toes are severely crushed, making it easy to induce nail inlays and corns.

TIPS: Adolescents who are growing and developing. Their feet are constantly developing and growing up. They are not suitable for wearing narrow pointed shoes.

Ultra-thin flat shoes: pressure on the sole plate

"If you are unhealthy in high heels, why don't you choose to wear flat shoes?" Many people think that wearing a pair of shoes is a good idea. Shoes should not be too high nor should they be too flat and light. The impact of the heel strike while walking can be along the leg bones, spine, and head. When the heel is too low, as much as 60% of the weight of the body weight is pressed on the heel at the moment of landing, and the road is gone. The uploaded momentum will cause pain in the athlete's foot, knee, hip, and waist. Long-term wear flat shoes will also accelerate the degradation of the plantar ligament and bone tissue, causing heel pain.

TIPS: The heel height is 3~5cm.

Leggings high-heeled sandals: "Legged" feet

The summer has not come yet, and many women have begun to figure out what to buy for a long skirt, but what kind of shoes do you have to wear for the long skirt? The strappy sandals are elegant enough, but strappy sandals are a kind of shoes that you can't wear. Not Xiao Bian deceives you. You know that when you tie a belt, in order not to let the belt fall, it is very likely that the calf will be tightly tied and the blood flow will be poor during the process. As a result, you will know why the leg is out of the way.

TIPS: The straps of the leggings should be selected to be wider, which can reduce the pressure on the leg from the straps.

Pinching sandals: feet getting uglier

Summer is coming. At this time, a variety of colourful flip flops have appeared on the market. However, the toe's cool slippers are harmful to human health. Because the person wearing shoes walks with the front of the foot because of the lack of force to support, the toes are naturally going to grip the shoes during the march and slowly curl into claws. At the same time, due to the body's center of gravity tilted to the forefoot, the arch joints are overstressed, which can cause pain and inflammation in the feet, and severe thumb valgus. In addition, when people are wearing sandals and sandals, in order to balance the forward body, the waist naturally backsliding, over time, damage the spine.

TIPS: Continuous wearing time should not be too long, it is best to wear a day off for a day. Pay attention to the choice of material in the forefoot toe, and try to choose a softer, non-irritating material.

Feet of a single shoe is a headache, coup to help you solve

1. Distillation

Pour the white wine (about 25 grams) into the new leather shoes, shake it several times, put it on for an hour, and then wear it. The cortex is no longer hard and the shoes are no longer pinched. If it is the edge of shoes, such as the heel, you can dry the wet paper towel, then fully soak the white wine, use a clip to fix the leather shoes at the foot, place it one night, and then wear it again the next day .

2. Pressure method

If the edge of the new shoes wears a foot, use a wet towel to rub the feet for a few minutes to make it moist and soft. Then use a cylindrical object (such as a glass bottle) to force the pressure several times to smooth the area of ​​the feet. If you are flat, you won't be grinding your feet.

3. Claw method

If the condition of the new leather shoes is serious, use a wet towel to dampen it, and then use a shoe wedge to hold it up.

4. Hammering method

If the soles of the new shoes are worn on the soles of the shoes, they can be put on the shoes, and if the hammers are used to knock, the knocks will be smoothed and the feet will not be worn. If there is no shoe kidnapper, other iron can also be used instead.

5. Vaseline method

If the heel is too hard and the ankles are worn, you need to cook the heel and then wear it. The specific method is to repeatedly apply the leather that has been rubbed with Vaseline, and then leave it for two days. This will make the leather smooth and smooth. It will not wear feet. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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