Summer pink dress new romantic elegance new look

Is indeed a fashion brand introduced from France, Li Denya 's women exudes a romantic and elegant atmosphere everywhere. Light pink, more than a dozen twenties women's exclusive color. It is like cotton candy, sweet in the air. When the wave of hot girls roll, wearing brilliant eye-catching studs, dressed in pink, do not look eye-catching.


Walk in the sunny summer streets, all the buildings and street scenes seem to have become a foil. This pink dress is very evening dress style. Comfortable fabric, light texture, self-cultivation design, shaping a delicate woman. Black belt sketched a woman slender waist, this dress is very obvious temperament. You can also have beautiful Oh.

夏季粉色连衣裙新款 浪漫优雅造型新看点

Classic round neck Puff, sweet and pretty style is very lovable. If you wear a lace dress, will be more stylish. High waist design, pink black stripes skirt, is the woman's body line more balanced and flattering. The following wearing a pair of black high heels is very attractive oh. Of course, this pink is also more suitable for girls of wheat color, a kind of healthy beauty.

Picture from: Lydia Women

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