MINGSHI women's details of the name reflects the feminine charm and content

Fashion, elegant, classic, atmospheric MINGSHI has been respected design concept, whether in the workplace, or various gatherings, each woman has been pursuing the elegant bloom of life. MINGSHI moment exudes introverted and stylish atmosphere, in every detail reflects the intellectual charm and content of intellectuals.

MINGSHI名实女装 细节中体现女性神韵与内涵

Brand positioning is more than 25 years of fashion, enjoy the freedom of white-collar women, she represents the delicate and tasteful, elegant, atmospheric, classic and full of vitality. The company has always been adhering to the "people-oriented" business philosophy, fashion as a classic, so that the classic fashion, and strive to create a continuous improvement, sustainable development of high-quality brand.

MINGSHI名实女装 细节中体现女性神韵与内涵

Advantages of joining :

Business worry-free protection: exclusive regional rights to protect the exclusive profit space; professional marketing team, the market follow-up supervision of daily sales, providing a full range of business training and guidance; regular training on terminal sales, branding strategy guidance to provide after-sales stand by

Store decoration guarantee: a unified brand image of the terminal, the entire tailor-made design and decoration of free drawings; provide a full set of props store, providing the entire shop decoration support and quarterly display services and window design

Avoid business risks: adequate supply of goods, high security of goods; information management system to help market analysis, rapid response; reasonable replacement and return system, low-risk inventory protection;

Expansion of store publicity: provide comprehensive holiday promotions, occasional promotions and promotional support for terminal planning and advertising design support.

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