Textile City: a small decorative cloth transactions picked up

In the fourth week of December, all kinds of woven fabrics of China Textile City fdy, dty, poy-based filament curtain fabrics imported in different sizes, the volume of cargo turnover more urgent less, but the overall supply more than last week. Weekly textile city decorated cloth market directly to the goods to maintain customers Last week, the cash transaction curtain fabric batch and batch less than last week, a week due to the small volume of the former road fabric, the majority of curtain fabric small business more than the goods , Sometimes no deal, some medium-sized business households to stop orders, only sell inventory, some businesses to renovate the facade took the lead in business, no longer operating. A small number of shop-front curtain curtain factory professional-style more goods, turnover continued to thrive, and even several kilometers of daily transactions. New curtains a week demand for small intermittent, the old models of different thickness of the curtain fabric due to the price is stable, additional to the bulk of the goods and batches more than last week; a week all kinds of curtains overall additional type of transaction volume and bulk Last week, the total turnover of various types of curtain cloth more than last week. Weekly filamentous sand sample spread less, the spot price steady decline, the majority of small batch intermittent transactions, a week directly to the door to the customer a little more than last week, the cash transaction curtains batch and batch slightly more than last week , A week of dyed, printing, jacquard cushions type demand reduced, a week mainly sofa cloth, sofa sets, chairs sets of varieties demand has increased; a week a total turnover of various types of filament sand cloth (including woven dyed fabrics, shuttle Weaving dyed decorative flannel) slightly more than last week. Weeks of various types of screens transaction small batch intermittent, small batch of cash transactions, the weekly orders of extra-wide screens continue to urgency, some still need to reprocess the type is still tight, before and after each urging; a week all kinds of screens Bulk orders slightly less than last week, a week before Christmas and after the completion of the majority of foreign trade delivery is completed, the decline in exports to export-oriented professional large orders and batches of custom orders are less than last week, the total turnover of all kinds of screens slightly less Last week. The overall turnover of the week, all kinds of filament woven decorative fabrics, weak and mutual, the overall market trend rose and fell the other day, a week last week, sales have risen, the total turnover of various types of woven filament fdy, dty, poy based, Part of the Knitted Fabric and decorative fabrics (curtains, window screens, curtain mantle yarn), sand cloth (including woven yarn-dyed fabrics, woven yarn-dyed decorative flannel) and other decorative cloth for nearly 9 million meters, About 8.4 million meters increased nearly 600,000 meters.


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