Cooling jacket is stylish and cool autumn coat recommended

I believe many of today's partners suddenly cool down, right? That little companion is not instantly feel no clothes to wear it? It is like the last quarter is a direct streak like. . . That in order to prevent such a sudden cooling when there is no clothes to wear, sister paper must begin to prepare their own autumn coat Caixing, then what kind of autumn coat look better?


Elegant and clean white gives the feeling is very fresh and generous, while the loose version with the long section of the design can easily help us cover the buttocks and thigh excess fat, let us look more slender slim, it will be with Light-colored base shirt and short skirts to wear together, will be pretty good autumn with oh!

降温天外套备起来  时尚好看的秋装外套推荐

Of course, if you think the white is too elegant, you can also try beautiful and eye-catching blue-blue, the same relaxed version can easily cover the skin was thin, and just the right length allows us to easily show the big leg , Even more attractive and charming. (Picture Source: Fiat Women )

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