Long-sleeved shirt with a small black skirt with light autumn sky with the wind

A kind of woman, not swagger does not exaggerate, like pure and mature color. In the choice of clothing but also has always insisted on their own style, walk in the forefront of fashion. Soft and somewhat revealing the handsome and paranoid, so a kind of intellectual woman most attractive to attract people to seriously appreciate, without any neglect. Yi color women , so that women have more content.


The use of high-grade fabrics, advanced professional splicing work, shaping this gray long-sleeved shirt gentle and generous. White lines outline generous fake pocket, delicate and handsome. Have a bit British style. Short version of the version, with a black pleated skirt, mysterious reveals a bit Yayun and playful.

长袖衫搭配黑色小短裙 秋季轻熟风搭配

Ink blue long-sleeved shirt, suitable for all types of workplace women, with non-ordinary thin fashion effect. Exquisite version of the type, rivets decoration, very heavy feeling, more sub-mature atmosphere. With a black package hip dress, cortical cortical outline of the waist, very charming. The overall temperament it.

Picture from: Yi color women

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