How to choose a good bloodstone

The main purpose of the bloodstone is to make a seal or a craft carving. Because it is beautiful, crystal, rare, and beautiful, it is deeply loved by people. It is known as "Shi Hou", "Indian Princess" and "Queen of the Stone". The color is as bright as chicken blood. It has both ornamental value and collectible value. In recent years, the price has only increased, and the follow-up is the follow-up of counterfeit goods. Then, how can we buy the best bloodstone?

Touch and price

The real bloodstone has a cold feeling when touched by hand, and the quality of the bloodstone is also very expensive. The synthetic fake bloodstone has no cold feeling, and the price difference is very different. When you buy it, you must remember that the sky will not drop the pie on your head.

Gloss aspect

The application of the bloodstone polishing technology makes it look soft, warm and delicate, and the waxy luster is obvious. The fake bloodstone coated with resin or glue on the market has abnormal color gloss reflection and thief light. It is easy to find when watching. .

Texture aspect

The reason why the bloodstone is mainly used for engraving the seal is because its hardness is relatively low, and the specific gravity is only 2.6. After scraping the outer layer of wax with a knife, the stone powder is scraped off. When buying, don't take the key with high hardness, etc., to see if there is any stone powder. If the seller does not allow the stroke, you can also use the spotlight flashlight to illuminate the surface of the gemstone. It is called "blood-blooded" bloodstone, and its red will There is a fascinating scene of sparkling light.

Blood volume

Blood volume is one of the important factors to consider the quality of bloodstone. The blood volume is less than 10%, which is a general product. Less than 30% is mid-range, more than 30% is high-grade, and more than 50% is a treasure, more than 70%. It is the best. It is said that even if the blood content of the bloodstone is very large, if the blood color is not beautiful or the texture is poor, the bloodstone grade will drop sharply.

Scarlet aspect

The color of the bloodstone has a profound change, which is natural and smooth, and has a layered distribution from the inside to the outside. Mainly divided into bright red, reddish, purple, dark red, etc., which with active red blood shape is the top grade, followed by others. The color of the fake bloodstone on the market is single and the color is not natural, so it is easy to distinguish.

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