The distinction between "species" and "water" in the treasure collection of "Jade"

Emerald, whether it is original stone or exquisite jewelry, ornaments, etc., has always been welcomed by collectors everywhere. The vocabulary surrounding the quality and value of jade is probably not the "species" and "water".

The "species" of jadeite is also called "species", which refers to the thickness of crystalline particles. In general, the smaller the crystalline particles, the finer the texture, the better the species; on the contrary, the larger the crystalline particles, the worse the species. However, there are many words used in jadeite. There is no exact fixed classification. Most of them are descriptive vocabulary used by experts. As their personal preferences are different, there will be more or less discrepancies. If there are internationally renowned gemologists, mineralogists, jade experts, top gemologists and other masters, Ouyang Qiumei, known as the "Jade Lady", will be divided into: old pit, deep green, Tielongsheng Species, tortuous species, loofah green species, sika deer species, hibiscus species, bean species, glass species, ice species, Qingqing species, Thunder species, jumping green species, golden silk species, flower green species, white-green species, "Eight three" species, "eight two" species, Kada species, violet species, purple jade, black-bone chicken, red jade, topaz, Fulu Shou species, dry green species, ink green and so on. Just watching it again is enough to cause headaches. Fortunately, there is also a rough division, which is glass (after work), ice, oil, bean, green, white, and dry white. The best variety is the "glass type". Crystal particles are not seen at all. Like amorphous glass, it is completely transparent. There is live light inside the jade. However, most of the glass species are colorless, even if it is lighter green, if there are few green and rare glass species, it can often reach the "high price." "Ice species", basically no crystalline particles, translucent, and no living light.

The "water" of jade, also called "water head", refers to the transparency, that is, the transparency of jade. The classification of "water" is quantified compared to "species". Generally speaking, it can be divided into one to three points, the transparency from low to high is gradually increased, the three-point water is the most transparent, and the glass type is three-point water. However, in the current various markets, there is often a jadeite with only half a "water". Obviously, the three-level classification is not enough. In practice, there are more detailed gradings, such as 10 grades: 9-10 points for off-hours, 7-8 points for ice, 6-7 points for oil, and fine beans. The species is 5-6 points of water, the coarse bean species is 3-4 points of water, and the dry white species is 1-2 points of water.

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