(Tofancy. Tang Ying) women's winter 2013 new conference will be held soon

Hangzhou (tofancy. Tang Ying) women's winter 2013 new product launch and ordering will be held July 11 -13 in Hangzhou Jiubao International Clothing City grand! Invite new and old customers and people with lofty ideals here, went to fashion trip!


Hangzhou Yali Garments Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 in Hangzhou, China. Business-led women's brand "_tofancy. Tang Ying" brand. _tofancy brand Hangzhou Yali Garments Co., Ltd. and Hong Kong's top design team to create a personalized women's brand, _tofancy to explore the depth of Chinese women's image and lifestyle as the focus to design avant-garde, elegant fabrics, unique technology won the Chinese women Respected, and to rigorous, perfect and efficient marketing structure and service support system to create China's outstanding women's brand.


After a cool rain Suddenly she stopped at the curb and walked down the clean street. She, talented returnees photographer, aesthetics, was suddenly touched by an unknown rain, or touched by the fresh world after the rain. This is the first time she passed _tofancy. Unconsciously went in, it felt like she used to go to old photo (Cafe) ---- where she met like-minded Tang. Only a brief moment, found that the same kind of living conditions can have such a different kind of fresh, trance but can take the hint. Like the things you love, like the naughty shadow of waiting, lure you closer, ---- pick up that excitement. Here, there is a similar substance. Will be old photo, her friend Tang mention tofancy, is suitable for Tang's aesthetic taste. Don smile lightly, jokingly: Like to praise their taste have not forgotten to bring me, without losing the style of a large photographer. In fact, Tang never underestimated her aesthetic level, since they first met two in the oldphoto, always hit it off. Further talk, the rich interest in tofancy to drove immediately, stood two cups of freshly brewed Blue Mountains floating with a warm atmosphere. To fancy more than seven in the afternoon is still very quiet.

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