Yi Da Qian health underwear conservation real real-time women's physical beauty

Yi Daisy long-term commitment to the health of women's health beauty, set the popular elements of Europe and the United States and high-quality natural environmental raw materials at home and abroad, after scientific and accurate cutting and long-term repeated try-on tests for the noble you customize the most fashionable conservation health Underwear , from the inside out to achieve the true beauty of fashion women.


Low chicken heart bit, deep V butterfly underwear for the more plump chest for women, this style can highlight the fullness of the chest, the bottom of the wave-shaped pattern of cutting methods to make sexy more beautiful and romantic.

伊黛茜养护型健康内衣  真正实现实时女性的形体美

Many women will choose to shape the body slimming clothes to make their more slender, wear a variety of US clothing better, but the summer is estimated that no one wear it, it will make people can not stand, Xiaobian think it is normal More exercise to strengthen the better, corset as an occasional assistant.

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