Gu Ge no rims girls underwear to the development of the best chest space

In the face of budding growth, the little girl was completely at a loss. The design of the Gu Ge underwear without rims provided the best space for the developing breasts and provided compact and stereotypical protection without impeding the enthusiastic bloom of flowers.


The color of the wind, can not touch, but you can feel its existence, that bloom with a small face of flowers, charming green leaves, stars in the night, light attached to the color, lingering color and light, delicate and beautiful Such as summer flowers as bright, light this element, met the elegant lace, interpretation of a different kind of fashion style.

古格无钢圈少女内衣  给发育中的胸部最好的空间

Rest in the sofa chatting with friends and family, you want to relax to enjoy shopping appointments, or sweat with friends, unloading the constraints of the steel ring, to give you the most enjoyment, free to navigate in all areas of life. Wind fluttering lotus leaf brings light fashion sense, together with the white lace to create a princess.

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