How to choose a good shoe to prevent the big bones

[This site - shoes and life] In your life, what kind of shoes do you like to wear? Many women are used to wearing high heels, which can increase the height, showing that women's beautiful body. However, long-term wear of high-heeled shoes is detrimental to health and can cause big bones. What are the prevention methods of the big bone? Beijing Heng'an Chinese Hospital experts said that the prevention of large bones need to choose a good shoes.

Choose a pair of suitable shoes. It is recommended that you buy new shoes in the afternoon when your feet are bloated. When choosing different sports, choose different special shoes. Generally do not wear a pair of shoes for more than two consecutive days. Avoid barefoot walking to avoid injury or infection. It is recommended that you wear sunscreen on your feet like other parts of your body when walking on the beach or wearing sandals in the summer. When there is any problem with the foot, please do not handle it yourself to avoid causing infection or more serious problems. If you are a diabetic, perform at least one foot examination every year.

Do not ignore the pain in the foot. It is not caused by simple exertion. In the event of foot pain, consult a physician. Observe your feet frequently and watch your feet for changes in skin color and temperature. If thickening and discoloration of the toenails are found, this may be an infection of gray toes. Always wash your feet, especially between your toes, and always wipe dry. Trim the toenails straight and not too deep. Carefully trim the edges and corners of the toenail. Improper trimming can lead to incarceration. Especially in patients with diabetes or patients with circulatory and cardiac dysfunction, once ingrown with nails, it can lead to incurable infections.

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