"10,000 yuan" sales skills

[China Glass Network] This method is created by ourselves and we share with you:

There is a company with very good benefits. The annual export volume is more than 200 million US dollars each year. It is a local leading enterprise. Their bosses are very arrogant. The answering phone is never in the ear. Very far, the words are "feed, ah ah...", huh, rich people! ! The mobile phone is very good. It is a Hummer. He has nearly 200 square meters in his office. Our company has been to a few people before, did not say a few words, was driven out by the guy, "you that thing, we do not consider, do not! Do not! I am very busy, who are you looking for?"

It was almost a year before and after, and I didn’t take him. I saw that Tang had no meat to eat. The brothers were a little bit angry, but they refused to give up. They spent a night planning and finally thought of a solution. Haha! !

The next day, we counted, he usually arrives at the company at 1:30 pm. I went to the bank to get 10,000 yuan in my wallet. I think so: First, his boss will have more money, and he will not put more than 10,000 pieces of cash in his wallet. Second, you are in the wallet. Put 10,000 yuan in it and talk to yourself. Then put the business card in the wallet, when you are ready, go straight to the boss's office, enter the door, see the boss is on the phone, did not wait for his consent, find a position to sit down, put the bag next to the boss I took a look at it, 10 minutes later, put down the phone, "You are??" The boss desk asked. "Zuo Zong, I am engaged in foreign trade work, I want to talk to you about cooperation." After I finished speaking, I took out my wallet and deliberately let him see a stack of money, then took out the business card and handed it over. He took my business card and watched it for a minute. "Oh, you are a company, you guys. The company is really good."

I won't say much later. If you encounter a customer who is very arrogant like this, try it out! ! But don't put too much money, too much is a little fake, first, let the other party not to look down on themselves, huh, huh, a company's ordinary sales staff pockets are loaded with so much money at any time, very cattle! The second is to give yourself courage! Although there are no billions of assets like them, they must be equal to them from the heart! ! ~ Haha. You said it! !

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