It is illegal to cut off the tag and sell the clothing.

Some merchants in Guiyang have come up with anticipation to explore the source of goods. They have determined that it is illegal to cut off the tag and sell clothing. Recently, the Middle East Industry and Commerce Branch of the Industry and Commerce Bureau of Yunyan District received a lot of complaints from consumers, claiming to be in the Century Star Mall in Guiyang. Most of the clothes purchased are "three nos" products. They are either not tagged or tagged but have no product name, factory name, or site name.

Two clothes tags on a piece of clothing December 28, business law enforcement officers raided the mall. On the second floor of the mall, in the clothing store named “Miyaki”, it was found that all the clothes in the store had a “three-leaf” tag with a white maple leaf pattern. There was no information on the tag except for the price, and this clothing The brand of the clothing collar sign on the store does not match the brand of the clothing tag. For example, the label on the collar is "AFTERNOON BONNIE M. X", and the tag is the Chinese "Miki" and the English "fan mu yie".

There is no sign for the other store's clothes. There is only a small tag, and there is no brand, address, and production date.

In the “Zhaibaimei” clothing store, law enforcement officers found that some clothing collars clearly had a registered trademark with @, which was a more formal product in the product, but still could not see the product information.

“Every family is like this.” At the inspection of a shop, the owner, Mr. Zhang, said that his behavior was not a special case. Many businesses in the mall were doing this.

Another businessman stated that he saw his counterparts cut the tag and sell it after they were purchased. They only followed suit.

Yesterday, after investigating the third home, the clothing store inside the mall closed its doors.

Business: This move violates the "Product Quality Law"

According to Zhou Yan, a law enforcement officer of the Middle East Industry and Commerce Branch of Yunyan District Administration for Industry and Commerce, the merchants are mainly doing so to avoid competition from their peers. They will cut off the name of the product, the name of the factory, the address of the factory, and other information, and prevent peers from inquiring. Source of supply, targeted purchases increase competition. Some merchants claim that their goods are single products from Hong Kong and Europe, and citizens have no way of exploring the clothes that are not tagged. They can only let them go, but the products with the tag removed are likely to be imitation products produced in places like Guangdong and Shanghai. And some products are indeed "three nos" products that are not labeled when they are purchased.

Zhou Hao said that the factory's "three-in-one" has become "three-nothing" in the market. This phenomenon is very serious in the clothing store. This behavior violates the "Product Quality Law" and infringes the right of consumers to know.

It is reported that a total of 3 stores were inspected and hundreds of garments were temporarily detained with a value of more than 100,000 yuan.

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