Jin Xi Tang classic Chinese women's red festive welcome Welcoming Festival

"Mastery" is the design concept of " Jin Xi Tang ". In the balance between art and commerce, there are subtle needs and common ground to design apparel products with beauty and common sense. From the deduction of the present classical fashion to the love of traditional culture, "Jin Xi Tang" broke the boundary of ancient and modern China and the West in an unique way and integrated the mysteries of beauty and balance into the thinking of its own design. With its noble and Elegant, traditional and romantic style, innovation, unique style, refreshing, as if blowing in the hot summer cool breeze, people feel relaxed and happy. To excellent quality, quickly won the consumer's welcome and sought after. Elegant, intelligent and mature urban women are friends of "Jin Xi Tang". Since its launch, the brand of "Jin Xi Tang" has been rapidly recognized by the market. Now there are more than 50 franchised chain stores in major cities all over the world. The products are exported to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Japan and South Korea.


锦玺唐经典中式女装 红色喜庆装迎佳节

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