"esons (Love City)" 2012 Spring Soul New Product Launch Conference and Investment Fair Meeting Successfully Closed

----Esons2012 spring new product launch

On November 10th, 2011, “esons (Love City) 2012 Spring Soul New Product Launch Conference & Investment Conference” held in Guangzhou Wei Ni International Hotel successfully closed on November 10th.

The theme of esons2012 spring products: "Soul" design inspired by retro African culture, black music, blues, nostalgia style 60-70! This product not only continues the positioning style of esons brand: handsome, stylish, casual, and vitality. Compared with the products of the past, it is more concise, atmospheric, and diversified in style. In order to improve the quality of physical products, each single product, material selection, and color selection are very particular and strive for excellence.

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