Hong Kong's three major brands have won the honor of a number of awards to verify the strength of the brand

Recently, Hong Kong International Fashion Co., Ltd. experienced good news, honor medals, certificates came one after another. The acquisition of these honors marks that Hong Kong has realized that International Fashion Co., Ltd. has taken a solid step in the difficult business venture!


September 21, 2011, Hong Kong Experience International Fashion Co., Ltd. in the China Light Product Quality Assurance Center organized promotional activities to defeat many well-known brand names, its brands: "experience", " You Xianmei ", "experience Perfect "all live up to expectations; come to realize fashion Lingerie in the event beat many brand underwear win; You Xianmei home service ratings in the promotion activities come out on top; experience the perfect adjustment of underwear in the face Tingmei and many other old brands under the strong pressure Hong Kong realized that International Fashion Co., Ltd., with its strong overall strength of its three major brands, was fully approved by the expert group of China Light Product Quality Assurance Center and awarded with the glorious title of "China 3.15 Integrity Enterprise"; and At the same time, the three brands of "Experience", "You Xianmei Land" and "Perceived Perfection" all won the honors of "Quality, Service and Reputation AAA Brand".

香港体会旗下三大品牌荣获多项殊荣 鉴证品牌的力量

In September of the same year, Youxianmei Homewear Co., Ltd. participated in the top ten apparel brand selection activities in China. At the event, Youxianmeixi, with its unique design, fashionable style, first-class fabrics, elaborate workmanship and brand new service concept Won the accreditation of experts and audiences alike; topped the list, after the fierce competition for the test, you Xianmei home service to the absolute advantage of the top ten list of home-service brands. Finally, Yusemite was awarded "2011-2016 China Top Ten Home Clothes Brand" by the Home Textiles Professional Committee of China Textile Commercial Association.

香港体会旗下三大品牌荣获多项殊荣 鉴证品牌的力量

The acquisition of these honors will surely become another milestone on the way to establishing a business in Hong Kong for International Fashion Co., Ltd. It also marks Hong Kong's experience that International Fashion Co., Ltd. is moving towards a new commercial stage with vigorous strides. We also firmly believe that Hong Kong understands that International Fashion Co., Ltd. can walk further and further along this brand new commercial arena.

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