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"Fast fashion" originated in Europe in the middle of the last century, this is the rapid feedback and imitation of clothing show design. With fashion design and terminal sales getting closer, from the end of the last century to the beginning of this century, "fast fashion" has been evolved into a quick reaction to the fashion design of fashion show enterprises on show floor and made into products that are close to the latest fashion trends. Several low into the store, the main mode of sale of a mainstream consumer. At present, the traditional clothing brand released from the T stage trend, continuation of the product to the stores, counters on the goods, generally require several months time, even upscale brand needs six months. But according to the concept of "fast fashion," companies can turn product concepts into consumer products in an extremely short period of time, initially in about 50 days. Today, the fastest companies can do so within 20 days. At present, the most representative brands in "Fast Fashion" are mainly domestic EMINU and foreign ZARA, H & M and other enterprises, although these brands have their own characteristics, although the operating process is very similar. Taking the first EMINU apparel enterprise in China, which adopted the "fast and fashionable" revolution, for example, the company took the lead in launching the concept of "public casual wear" in 1996 and got the resonance of the industry. A few years of popular land on the Chinese men and women leisure brand springing up. However, in the "public casual" dress upright, EMINU maintained a keen sense of fashion fashion in 2006, once again to the industry cast a blockbuster, direct sword refers to his own creation of the "mass leisure" line , To the high-end "fast fashion" transformation. For EMINU this "crazy" move, then also caused an uproar in the industry and questioned. Only two years later, the apparel brand that adhered to the "public leisure" route at the time realized that it had involuntarily plunged into the quagmire of the "Red Sea" and the homogenization competition was getting worse. EMINU won the market for its "Blue Ocean Strategy" The most important competition in time to prepare and fund accumulation, the end of 2009, "fast fashion" dress officially began to heat in the country. "Fast fashion" dress in our country has become a "big brand design, price of the people, quick update," the fashion goods. EMINU has therefore become China's "fast fashion" synonymous. Summarized EMINU "fast fashion" business practices, which showed five main features: First, with more than 2,000 large sales terminals, of which 90% are franchised, only a small part of the special company self-employed; the second , Did not shift the production line to a relatively low cost of production areas, its products are designed and manufactured by the headquarters production base; third, with a fast changing, a small amount of variety to stimulate customer buying desire, its brand after the launch of this season , There will be no second appearance of the same style; Fourth, with big brands in prime locations to sell prices of people's clothing, spared no expense in the best location to set up stores, next to the shop is often some of the traditional luxury brands, EMINU's price is very close to the people, popular; fifth, spared no expense to invite celebrities to help large poster style so that everyone concerned about this brand.

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