MYOKIE (Mei Ya Qi) women's beautiful luxury encounter

Paris is an unparalleled city full of romance, the majestic Arc de Triomphe, the Seine, the Eiffel Tower, the beautiful Champs-Elysees ... that gave birth to the romance of Paris ...
Born here, Sophee liked to make gadgets accessories at her mother's clothing store and was her doll outfit when she was a kid. Since then, there has been a desire in her heart Flying butterfly


Sophie (SOPHIE) grew up after the formalization of fashion studies, coupled with their own talent, the romantic fashion of China and the United States have their own unique style of clothing and unique design style, is to promote personality, fashion, the pursuit of classics, unique taste Fashion women.
1988 Daniel (DANIEL) and Sophie (SOPHIE) was founded in Paris a couple MYOKIE ( AIU chi ), and the same year opened its first MYOKIE (AIU chi) stores in downtown Paris, France.
For more than 20 years, under the leadership of DANIEL and SOPHIE, MYOKIE brand has become a fashion, aesthetic and distinctive French romantic style with its own sentiment about the European clothing culture. Women's brand , loved by women in Paris and Europe, enjoy a good reputation.

MYOKIE(美亚绮)女装   奢华的美丽邂逅

2007 MYOKIE (Meiya Qi) registered in China. 2009 MYOKIE (Meiya Qi) officially stationed in China. MYOKIE (Mei Ya Qi) brand combines the French style of thousands of styles for the Chinese fashion industry has brought a beautiful romantic fashion style and creativity. After entering China MYOKIE (Mei Ya Qi) combines the local pursuit of fashion and aesthetic needs, has been recognized by many fashion women and support.
Since fashion butterfly interpretation here, the dream of fashion wings from here ...

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