Correct washing method for bamboo fiber home textile

1. Avoid hardening the water

Bamboo fiber has good strength when dried, and fiber elasticity is suppressed after wet water, so that its strength is weakened. In the process of using bamboo fiber towels, individual consumers have always used the method of using cotton towels, that is, too much force to turn the water, the more the towel is screwed, the better. This is not necessary for bamboo fiber towels, because the bamboo fiber towel has a strong water absorption capacity, and the water of the face can be cleaned after moderately screwing. If you use too much force to screw, it is possible to twist the bamboo fiber and leave a hidden danger for the damaged towel. Also avoid tearing or pulling wet towels. In addition, the bamboo fiber has good air permeability, and the moisture contained in the towel is easily evaporated naturally after hanging, and there is no need to worry about the phenomenon of "blinking" of the towel due to excessive moisture.

2. Avoid hanging on sharp objects

Bamboo fiber towel has a good water absorption, and its weight is obviously increased after wet water, and it has excellent drapability. Therefore, when hanging after use, it is preferable to hang on items such as rods and frames that have a large area of ​​force. If it is hung on a sharp object such as a nail or a hook, the local fiber of the suspended portion is easily deformed or broken under a large gravity to shorten the service life.

3. Do not hot water disinfection cleaning

4. Do not wash hard, wring out

5. Bamboo fiber towel should be dried naturally after washing. It should not be wet for a long time. It should not be exposed for a long time.

6. The initial washing of dark bamboo fiber fabric may be slightly faded, which is a normal phenomenon.

7. Relax hand wash, warm water wash

8. If you need to iron, please use low temperature file

It is not advisable to wash with chemical fiber fabrics in the same machine. Avoid washing with washing powder and washing. It is best to wash with soap powder or soap, and gently wash it by hand. Washing machine is not recommended.

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