Marketing "Three Swords" VS Marketing "Three Forces"

I have been engaged in marketing for more than eight years. I am very fortunate to have grown and matured in these eight years and become experienced and decisive. Some of them have given up, but more are persistence, there have been losses, but more is to cheer up, there have been setbacks, but more is to learn to be strong and brave. Marketing is a fate. He is destined to let us be alone with loneliness and loneliness. We must endure the pressure and never complain, but we can't go backwards. Marketing "Three Swords" and "Three Forces" are some of the insights I gained during my marketing career, and I share them with my colleagues in the marketing industry. I hope it will help us grow and progress together.

Marketing "Three Swords":

There is a sword in the hand - the athlete in marketing is just like a warrior who just got the sword, confused and confused when we just entered the marketing industry. I don't know how to play the power of this sword (marketing), sometimes doing things. It’s a matter of half the effort and the inability to do so. In the final analysis, it’s still a matter of method. Even if the attitude is serious, but can not be the leader in the team, at this time, on the one hand, the managers in the marketing team can effectively guide and help us to grow and progress, but more often depends on the marketer’s own understanding, Can not absorb some inspiration and essence, which requires beginners to listen more, learn more, think more. Marketing work can be divided into two levels: one is to do things and the other is to think. The level of work can only ensure that we can survive and not be eliminated, and the level of thinking can make us improve and improve. We think about what we have done in the process of doing things is not perfect, what mistakes should not be committed, how to improve Things are doing better, this is what we often say. If the marketing beginner can diligently learn, think carefully, sum up and think more, develop good habits, and not be afraid of hardship, you can become an athlete in marketing and participate in the competition.

There are swords in the eyes - the bullfighters in marketing in the ancient East, there are certain procedures for picking the little bulls to fight in the arena. They were brought into the field and attacked the bullfighter holding the spear. The referee did not judge the outcome of the Bulls' attack. Instead, he assessed the bravery of the Bulls by the number of times the bullfighter was attacked. . For those who have been marketing for 3-5 years, what is more important is the ability to withstand the ability to stand up again after being hit. This is the backbone of marketing, and many people die at this stage: on the one hand they have a certain work experience, can analyze and judge the cause of the incident, can see the nature of the problem, thinking that they have a good understanding of marketing Anything will happen, everything can be done, many things are not very active, become lazy, can only see things in the eyes, can not see the future. On the other hand, people who have reached this level are more or less frustrated, so they don't want to start all over again. They are afraid to start from scratch, have no courage to start a second venture, and start thinking about stabilizing. In fact, this time is the time to test the determination and mentality. At this time, the larger enemy is himself, because the ability of people at this stage is similar, and the larger gap is also the smaller gap, that is, the mentality of returning to zero, no Anxious mood. As long as we can begin to think that we have to learn a lot of things at this time, and continue to persist, we can truly become a bullfighter in marketing, brave and full of wisdom.

There is a sword in the heart - the coach in the marketing has a sword in mind - the helm of the company's operations, the goal in marketing. That is a realm, strategizing, winning thousands of miles away, knowing what happened outside without going out of the house, it is built on more accumulation and precipitation, the fact that there is no success is impossible to enjoy this process. of. For those who have been marketing for more than 10 years, those who have rushed out of the death line are either senior managers or professional managers of the company, or withdraw from the rivers and lakes and stand on their own. For those at this stage, although they can no longer participate in the competition like athletes, they can become coaches and pass on their past experience and skills to team members and subordinates so that they can take fewer detours and reach the end point faster. At this time, many people think that many years of practice will become a positive result. They only know that they are asking others not to ask for themselves. Because no one is going to restrain you, you have reached the realm of no self. The more important practice is in this step, and then go forward. One step is the higher realm of life, that is, the king of innocence, as a spiritual leader, one day left here, shaking his arms, there are still people following it, this may only be done by Shi Yuzhu.
Marketing "three forces":

Influence – The basic influence of marketing is that marketers change their customers' perceptions and opinions about things through their own words and behaviors in the marketing process. For example, in the business of doing air recharge, many agents think that this business is too cumbersome, low-profit, and unsafe. What marketers do is to let customers feel that air recharge can not only increase revenue without increasing costs. Bringing a large number of mobile users to the store to consume and purchase goods is a stable business. The value of marketers is reflected in the ability to change customers' perceptions of empty charging errors. Marketers face two problems in their work: one is to change, to change the agent's misconceptions about the business, and the other is to be changed and buried by the rumors of tens of thousands of agents. And we have to change the customer by the influence of the marketing staff, because each marketer has different influence, so it also causes the marketing staff to have different performance. Therefore, it is especially important for marketers to develop personal influence, and influence can gain respect and enhance trust. The powerful influence is mainly realized from the following aspects: language expressiveness, ability to understand others, ability to listen, good speaking ability and business presentation ability, and personal character, knowledge, experience, words and deeds, talents Qualities, confidence, and relationship. Through effective communication with customers, clearly and concisely express the advantages of the business, grasp the vital interests of customers, find the problems that customers care about, and persuade customers through various examples and data to achieve the transaction, and the performance with better influence. Form is language expressiveness and persuasion.

Human power - the key human power of marketing is also called relationship. If the marketer only pulls his head in the business development and does not look up the road, he can only do things right, but not excel. In fact, the relationship between the marketing staff and the customer is not only an ordinary cooperative relationship, but also a lot of personal feelings mixed in it. If we want to be successful in the business, we must develop a deeper relationship with our customers, such as friends and brothers. Only then can customers do more things for us, which requires us to work harder at work. Understand the customer's family and understand his network. Not only must we develop horizontally, make friends, but also develop vertically, make friends, and more importantly, achieve relevance, form a network, and rely on the strength of agents to develop related networks. Relatives and friends, with the power of people, there is a network of relationships. Sometimes we get an agent and go there many times. He just doesn't do it. But when we find out that he has a relationship with one of our existing agents, it may be easy to find a agent to call him. Imagine if we can't get along well with existing agents, how can he help us introduce customers? The human power is to tell us that on the basis of personal efforts, we can also integrate external resources and leverage our efforts to achieve more with less. Keeping the flow of people with mobile can realize the green light of many of our business. Under the premise of not violating the principle, many things can be flexibly supported, gain support, facilitate business development, and the relationship with mobile mainly depends on whether the business personnel have a wide range. Hobbies, find the interests and hobbies of docking mobile people, many things can be finalized.

Learning power – the driving force behind marketing In our work, we often encounter such a phenomenon: our method last month could not be used this month, and the business advantage of last month did not exist this month. Because the earth is turning, things are changing. If we can't keep up with the rhythm and pace, we will be eliminated. We must continue to learn and think, find new advantages and methods, and find new competitive countermeasures. Marketing is a learning profession. The speed of knowledge update is obviously higher than that of other industries. This is a profession belonging to young people. Thoughts determine the way out. Only by continuous learning can we improve our marketing ability and keep pace with the times. The content of the study includes: product knowledge, industry knowledge, negotiation knowledge, inspirational knowledge, marketing skills, communication skills, business etiquette, learning methods can be: self-learning, classroom teaching, group discussion, extended experience, situational training , role-playing, brainstorming. Marketing is the unification of science and art. As the changing environment changes, it is necessary to pay attention to situations and experiences, and to pay attention to feelings and values. For marketers, only by continuous learning and innovation can they cultivate their own marketing ideas and methods and improve their overall competitiveness.

Marketing is a state, a habit, a feeling, a way of life, a kind of attitude, a method of finding marketing inspiration and solving problems from the details of life, only those who truly integrate with him. In order to feel the joy and excitement he brought to you! As long as you enter such a regulation, you will be full of strength, doing things without exhaustion, like a Ferrari that can't stop the throttle, it is unstoppable. "Three swords" is a kind of mentality. "Three forces" is a method. As long as we have the mentality of "three swords" and have the power of "three forces", we will be able to do things better. When we put our gratitude and responsibility into the work, we will find a lot of passion and expectation, and we hope that the brothers who are triumphant and returning will be reunited with their families. In the middle and late 21st century, 85% of people will directly engage in marketing work, and 15% will indirectly engage in marketing work, so no matter what you do, you will be more or less engaged in marketing directly or indirectly, a full-fledged staff. The marketing era is coming, let us hold our breath and feel the beauty and beauty of the moment!

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