Thousands of underwear so that more women enjoy thousands of beautiful and confident!

"Variety and beauty to be a woman" Women are the most beautiful side of the world, a landscape, and underwear is to care and maintenance, create more beautiful women and the birth of the product, "Progressive" underwear business as a "beautiful cause, beautiful ", Qianmei underwear is committed to the pursuit of happiness - creating" beauty "for women, creating value for the community, increasing self-confidence and happiness, so that more women work together to enjoy the beauty of thousands of beautiful and confident!


Thousands of underwear, rooted in China, based on China and the world, Thousands of underwear products throughout throughout the Chinese women tailor-made, dedicated service purposes, the aesthetic of Oriental women Concept of wear, wear style and other oriental characteristics of deep grasp, combined with the development of the times and the higher the pursuit of women's needs, "Qian Mei" brand products always follow: simple but not complicated, without losing the elegant elegant, fresh and lovely, natural and confident, bright and noble , Leading the fashion style, so loved by millions of Chinese women are familiar with.

千媚内衣 让更多女性享受千媚的美丽和自信!

"Advanced Materials, Craftsmanship, Modest Price", "Qianmei" Concept of Products: Choose advanced fabrics imported to create the details to create perfect; pay attention to quality, quality and success of the brand, the brand determines the future; customers, low-cost none other Customers, serve the public; so that Qianmei underwear products in the domestic and international markets favored by customers, product sales network throughout the country. "First-line service, second-tier brands, third-tier price" brand positioning, a mature and sound sales service network system protection, the well-known Chinese underwear brand appeal, the overall quality of high quality raw materials, low cost, attractive, exudes " Thousands of "beautiful, confident magic and charm, but also countless women welcome and love!

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