Mary Alice brand women's new romantic leisure space

Marie Alice brand of women's integration of the latest fashion elements in Europe to the court dress elements as the integration point, focusing on the overall effect with a lively form of expression, the perfect packaging of modern urban women, highlighting the charm and confidence of women, with Give consumers the most authentic romantic experience. The brand advocates the lifestyle created by the modern fashionable women, allowing consumers to fully experience the romance brought by the brand. With their agile qualities, they lead them to a brand new space - MARYISIS. Our mission is: to lead the fashion trend, our territory thus continue to expand.


玛莉艾丝品牌女装 全新的浪漫闲情空间

玛莉艾丝品牌女装 全新的浪漫闲情空间

Consumer Positioning: 22-38-year-old urban white-collar workers, they aspire to fashion, but at the same time introverted, unobtrusive, inadvertently reveal her unusual temperament.

Spring and summer: about 268-800 product elements

Autumn and winter: 288-1298 so romantic and close to the public

Color performance modeling classification

Basic colors: apricot, pink court-style soft style

Popular colors: Europe's latest popular colors as the leading

Fabric selection product categories

Simple, beautiful, shiny, soft 95% of apparel: knitted shirts, jackets, sweaters, cotton jackets, coats, trousers, dresses, dresses

Performance class 5% apparel: scarves, handbags, bowlers, accessories

Romantic, European lifestyle

Wearable Devices

Pulse Oximeter,Medical Equipment,Monitoring Blood Oxygen

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