Paul Smith New Color Canvas Shoes

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  • Embroidery History
    The origins of Sequin Embroidery are unknown, but early examples which survived the rigors of time from the ancient Egyptian empire, the Iron Age of Northern Europe and from the Zhou Dynasty, China shows that this is a very old art indeed.


    Sequin Embroidery Manufacture
    Beads and sequins are used to add extra special touches to embroidery projects. You can incorporate them in to your stitches as you are creating embroidery piece. To incorporate beads and sequins in to your embroidery stitches you will need very tiny beads and sequins, look in your local hobby store for seed beads and matching sequins. When attaching something as small as a seed bead to any project you will need to make sure you have a small enough needle, so make sure you purchase a beading needle.


    Another method for attaching beads and Sequin Embroidery is by using surface embroidery. This is a little more technical than simple sewing the beads and sequins directly onto the fabric. With surface embroidery of any kind the idea is to create a pattern on the top of the fabric, with minimal wastage of thread on the reverse, it can also cover a large area very quickly, where are sewing on individual beads and sequins cannot. There are many methods of surface embroidery, although for attaching items such as beads and sequins I would recommend trying a crochet method.


    Sequin Embroidery Feature:fashionable and comfortable
    Fashion style:available in various designs,size and colors.
    Service:high quality service to every customers.
    Function:used in wedding gowns,evening dresses,fashion clothes,etc.


    Sequin Embroidery

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