Summer Dress New Tai Wo Women 2014 summer sleeveless dress

Among the many clothing styles, women love the skirts, and the shape of the dazzling skirts, dresses and accounted for the top. Yes, the dress is always in a high profile show in many dresses, it can be modified body, can reflect the charm, but also the interpretation of charming, so women choose to dress will give their own temperament a qualitative leap. Tai Wo women in the summer of 2014, launched a heavyweight variety of dresses, for the professional women to provide more choices.

Taihe-TAHAN women's clothing

The combination of tender grass green and fluorescent green, where the two dresses have their own characteristics. Thin figure left irregular cut, thin translucent fabric is definitely the summer of choice, if you think it is too short, you can also be accompanied by a shorts, or is the perfect curve. As shown in the right sleeveless dress, black chiffon edge stitching, elegant plus points unabated charm.

夏季连衣裙新款 太和女装2014夏季无袖连衣裙

Taihe-TAHAN women's clothing

Black and red combination has always been the designer's usual approach, although it is the two extreme colors, but the combination of the expression is the publicity is to hit the color system, from the visual effects to achieve super-absorption, the hip design using a unique income Tight folds, with a small white jacket, full of mature women's style.

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