Antibacterial underwear

Antibacterial underwear

Antibacterial underwear

Antibacterial underwear first appeared in World War II, when the army weared antibacterial military uniforms, reducing the bacterial infection and injury reduction of the wounded. After the 1960s, antibacterial hygienic fabrics began to be popularized in civilian products, and they were popular. Various countries have developed various antibacterial technologies for fabrics. Japan is particularly leading and has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits. Nowadays, not only women, but also more and more men also attach great importance to the antibacterial properties of underwear. However, various existing fabric antibacterial finishing techniques have various degrees of defects in sterilization rate, safety, and washing durability.
This set of clothes is developed for the submarine crew according to the special working environment of high temperature and high humidity. In particular, when the sea is wet, the domestic water is restricted, and personal hygiene cannot be guaranteed. This product has good comfort and is suitable for the blended fiber fabric worn by the submarine environment. The antibacterial agent is made of nano silver. The technology of silicone-containing acrylic resin chain is studied, which solves the problem of antibacterial and antibacterial efficacy of the blended fabric and maintains the softness of the fabric. Sex.
According to experts, China's first high-efficiency antibacterial underwear is made of cashmere, mottle and cotton, and is processed by Donghua University's leading scientific and technological achievements "inorganic / organic composite nano antibacterial finishing technology". According to repeated tests by the Institute of Parasitic Diseases of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the 24-hour sterilization rate of the antibacterial underwear against Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Candida albicans was 100% (the underwear sterilization without this technology) The rate is zero), it has excellent ability to inhibit and kill various bacteria and fungi, and meets environmental protection requirements. In addition to the remarkable antibacterial, deodorizing and anti-mildew effects, the underwear has a good hand feeling, long-lasting antibacterial effect, especially good washing durability, and the antibacterial effect has not decreased after 100 washings. Previously, the nano-antibacterial finishing technology has just passed the expert appraisal organized by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission to reach the domestic leading level.
The garment is mainly used for special environment such as high temperature and high humidity during long-term submarine sailing, and has the function of ensuring health and disease prevention. (very suitable for summer sports wear)
[China Antibacterial Fabric Network ]
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