Karen Walker 2014 new Haitian color women's clothing

Karen Walker (Karen Walker) personal style and unique taste, just as the designer himself, never love Hua Lian Li, but weird eccentric design, this is her source of inspiration for the design. 2014 new women , a touch of sea sky, sewing clothes, do not mind in cutting, showing the designer's inspiration.

凯伦·沃克 (Karen Walker)  2014新款海天色女装

3D Laser Printed Pvc Tablecloth

Material: PVC
Types: 1.Smooth PVC surface
2.Additonal super clear PET film coated on PVC surface
Thickness: 0.14-0.22mm/ custom size
Max width: 160cm

Feature: 1.material: PVC
2.max-width: 150CM, Other sizes will be allowed as per the customers' request
3.Pvc Table Cloth thickness: 0.12mm~0.22mm
4.purpose: houseware decoration, picnic, hotel, party, banquet, wedding easy to clean and carry
5.3D, shiny, golden/ silver grounding, endure dirty, not fade, fire resistance, wipe clean, waterproof, oilproof, low-toxic

pvc table cloth  It is a good choice for housing decorations due to it's various color, compatibility and flexibleness. Besides, they are characterised for resistance soiling, easy cleaning, portable carrier, durability, fadeless.

3D Laser Printing Tablecloth

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