Five weapons for telemarketing

[China Glass Network] For salespeople who are good at using the phone, the phone is a sharp weapon, because the phone has no boundaries, saving time and economy, and telemarketing can reach more customers in one hour than face-to-face direct marketing. .

The phone is generally used at the following three times:

Schedule an appointment with key people.

Follow up of direct letters.

Tips before direct letter.

If you are familiar with the skills of the phone approaching the customer, doing the above three actions will be of great help to your next job.

Professional phone proximity skills can be divided into five steps:

1, preparation skills

Before you can call, you must first prepare the following message:

The title of the potential customer;

Business name and business nature;

Reasons to call a potential customer;

Be prepared to say what you think about potential customers.

Think about how to deal with customer rejection.

The above points are better to write the focus on the note paper.

2, the skills after the phone is connected

Next, let's take a look at the tricks after the phone is connected. In general, the last call is the switchboard, you have to politely say the name of the potential customer you are looking for in a firm tone; the next answer is the secretary, the secretary most of whom has a task - to reject The bosses think that unnecessary calls, so you have to introduce yourself briefly, to make the secretary feel that what you want to talk to the boss is very important, remember not to say too much.

3. Skills that generate interest
When a potential customer picks up the phone, you should be interested in the potential customer in a short, polite manner after introducing yourself.

4. Tips for telling the reasons for telephone calls

There should be different reasons for different potential customers based on your pre-requisites for potential customers. Remember, if the purpose of your call is to meet with potential customers, don't talk too much about the sale.

5, the end of the phone skills

The phone is not suitable for sale, explaining any complicated products. You can't judge his reaction from the customer's expression and behavior, and there is no basis for "meeting three-parts", which is easy to be rejected. Therefore, you must use the skills of ending the call more effectively, and then end the conversation immediately after reaching your goal.

Let's take a look at an example of phone proximity.

Salesperson: Hello. I am in trouble to receive the Director General of the General Affairs Office.

General Affairs Office: Hello. Can you find the one?

Salesperson: Please ask Director Chen to listen to the call.

General Affairs Office: May I ask you...?

Salesperson: I am Wang Weizheng, head of Dahua's business. I want to discuss with Mr. Chen about improving the efficiency of filing documents.

Salesperson Wang Weizheng used a more authoritative reason - to improve the efficiency of document filing - to let the secretary quickly connect the phone to Director Chen.

Director Chen: Hello.

Salesperson: Director Chen, hello. I am Wang Weizheng, head of Dahua's business. The company is a professional manufacturer of document filing. We have developed a product that allows anyone in your office to find out any information in the file within 10 seconds. The efficiency of the work can be greatly improved.

Wang Weizheng, with any person in the General Affairs Office, can obtain any information in the file within 10 seconds to attract the interest of Director Chen. When the salesperson talks with the prospective customer on the phone, he should pay attention to the following points: 1 Smile when talking, although the other party can't see your smile, but the smile can be transmitted to the other party through the voice. 2 often refers to the name of the prospective customer. 3 to express enthusiasm and enthusiasm for service.

Director Chen: 10 seconds, very soon!

Salesperson: The time of the Director is very precious. I don't know if you are next Tuesday or Wednesday. It is convenient for me to explain this product to the Director.

Director Chen: It will be better at 2 pm next Wednesday.

Salesperson: Thank you, Mr. Chen, for visiting you on time at 2pm next Wednesday.

Salesperson Wang Weizheng, although he felt that Director Chen called "10 seconds, very soon!" is a skeptical attitude, but he knows that the purpose of calling today is about the time of the next meeting, so do not do anything. Explain, immediately state the reasons for the telephone call, and make the action of the conclusion - the time of the appointment, and the end of the telephone conversation.

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