A Jie Boni children's clothing: four seasons product variety and style, complete

Ajie Boni products into a series of everything from shoes and clothing to clothing accessories, the four seasons product variety, complete, a year of spring, summer, autumn and winter four kinds of various styles of reasonable structure for 5-12 years old Children (A Jie Bangni baby children's clothing brand is planning), clothing is divided into two different styles of series: Metropolis series: the main push Japan and South Korea trendy fashion to self-cultivation, refined design and become the first choice of 80 parents; leisure series: heritage A Jie Boni has been highly respected British style, to wear a comfortable, stylish style to win all the franchisee praise.

Towel Blankets are made of 100% cotton, our cotton is originally from Xinjiang province where has the longer sunshine time,  good quality cotton enable us to produce good blanket throws, the cotton material is safe and soft, taking the best care of all of your family members.  The Towel Blanket is multi use, a blanket to protect you from cold, a bath wrap, a Beach Towel, a travel towel, a baby blanket...etc.

Customized designs, size, Gsm and material are acceptable, we can do Jacquard, Plain dyed, Yarn-dyed, Terry/Cut Pile, Embroidery, Printed, Hot Drilling, Satin. The Yarn we usually used: 10S, 14S, 16S, 21S, 32S, Zero Twist or as per your request.  Material can be pure cotton, cotton-ply, cotton bamboo, microfiber.

Standard Size (cm): 100*200; 150*200; 200*230 

Cotton Towel Blanket

Towel Blankets

Towel Blanket,Bamboo Fiber Towel,Blanket Towel ,Towel Set

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